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Is there such a thing as a lucky color?

Getting lucky with color when sweeping!

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The main ways promoters keep sweepstakes fair

There are many ways that promoters can attempt to stop cheating in online sweepstakes. But promoters are getting savvy with their online sweepstakes to prevent cheating or entrants taking unfair advantage.

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How to Avoid Ruthless Sweepstake Promoters

How to dodge a dirty promoter’s tricks.

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What Everyone Wants to Win

Cate talks about the top five prizes people want to win most!

By procomadmin on June 17th, 2011

Why I think online sweeping and comping is safe!

Fear seems to be everywhere!  People are constantly scared of identity theft and other cyber-crimes that only come to exist relevantly recently. So in the age of the modern www, I want to consider how safe it is to provide your details online.  Is it legitimate to fear that they will end up everywhere? Let. (continue reading)

By procomadmin on May 6th, 2011

Why I love “games of skill”

Do you know the difference between “games of skill” and “games of chance”? A game of skill requires entrants to use their mental or physical strengths and abilities to win a prize. Popular skilled competitions are 25 word or less answers, providing captions, or answering a question. In these competitions, judges decide who wins the prize. (continue reading)

By procomadmin on April 12th, 2011

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Are You A SurveyHead?

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Join American Consumer Opinion

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Enter Sweepstakes Galore With Hypersweep

Hypersweep is the Web’s premiere sweepstakes community! Check them out today and find thousands of online sweepstakes for you to enter!
Have fun!

By procomadmin on February 12th, 2013

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