How to win 25 words or less competitions

May 8th, 2011

If you check out most sweepstake rules, you will notice that judges in 25 words or less competitions are looking for creative and unique answers.

That all sounds well and good, but it doesn’t tell you how to win the prize!

As a starting point, remember that you are not the only person entering to win!  Competition judges are flooded with thousands of entries, so you need to write a competition answer that stands out.

Here are some ways to make a sweepstake judge’s job easier, and to nab that winning prize:

  1. Your 25 words or less competition answer MUST mention the product or brand being promoted! After all, the purpose of the sweepstake or competition is to advertise the product. So show the judges you know about the product.
  2. If you want to write a unique 25 words or less response, think about using a true story.
  3. Flex your creative muscles by writing a poem or rhyme as your answer.
  4. Being funny is a good idea.  Judges are human after all and like to laugh!.
  5. Never exceed the word limit. You will immediately disqualify yourself.
  6. Try not to rush your answer.  Take your time and think about your response.
  7. Before you submit your competition answer make sure you use a spell-checker.  When you type straight into online forms the typos won’t show up, but they sure will before the sweepstake judges’ fresh eyes!

But the best advice is left for last: if you don’t succeed, try and try again!

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