Five reasons you need a separate comping email address

March 30th, 2011

For the dedicated comper or sweeper, online competitions make having a separate email address you can use solely for competition and prize draw entries vital.

I am sure everyone knows about services like hotmail, gmail and yahoo.  All of these are free and quite easy to use.  This means a comper can have a second email account sent up in a couple of minutes.

Here are my top five reasons why I think they are great:

  1. It is easy!  Did you know you can also set up your home or work email account to accept this mail, having it arrive into a separate folder in your inbox? Prize mailouts can be directed there.  This leaves you feeling free to subscribe to every mailing list in the land.
  2. This will ensure your privacy.  An address like “” does not give away too much about a person.
  3. Free email accounts usually can get around filters at work, and public libraries, which means you can sneak off in your lunch break or spare time and check up on your hobby!
  4. If like me you use one address for competitions only that goes to a folder in your outlook, it is a great way to keep your comping organised.
  5. A sad but true by-product of comping will always be the large amount of junk mail it creates.  At least with a free email accounts the junk mail doesn’t end up mixed up with work emails (and more importantly my boss does not think I am addicted to viagra!).

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