How to Avoid Ruthless Sweepstake Promoters

June 17th, 2011

Ruthless promoters seem to be everywhere online, trying to catch out unsuspecting sweepers.

You will be amazed at how many competitions and sweepstakes you will find online that have already been drawn, particularly for surveys.

Ruthless promoters will allow expired sweepstakes and competitions to remain online for people to enter.  It is not uncommon to see prizes as old as two years still active, and still available for people to “enter” (but of course not win!).

Why?  These so-called prizes act as bait, or traps, for sweepers.

Even though they cannot win, consumers will still enter their personal details.    These promoters are generally engaged in marketing or market research, and selling email addresses and other databases for profit.  Therefore they have nothing to lose by having expired competitions available to be entered.

Do not fall for this dirty trick!  Always check the terms and conditions to confirm the date that the competition closes.

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