Is there such a thing as a lucky color?

August 24th, 2011

Does the color of your shirt matter when you are entering sweepstakes? What about the color of your dress when you click send to enter that contest?

Some people say that it does! And if you are not in the middle of a winning streak maybe it was time that you got lucky too!

Colors can influence our mood, so chose a bright or light color when comping!   Lucky colors include blue, yellow, gold and red. So try these colors on for a win!


Beige is considered to be neutral and unbiased, making it neither lucky nor unlucky!


This practical color is symbolic of the earthiness and worldliness.  Very light shades of brown are considered lucky.


This calming color can be a lucky color, representing tranquility, harmony, trust and clarity of mind.


While the color of magic, purple is also symbolic of good judgment and peace of mind.


The color of nature, green symbolizes fertility, life and balance.  It is a safe color that can also mean learning, growth and harmony.  In Western society green is often associated with wealth, being the color of money.

Yellow or Gold

Like it’s similarly bright hued yellow, gold is a lucky color, being associated with the sun.  This bright and energetic color means good health and optimism.


The color of vitality and endurance, orange is also a powerful and lucky color, associated with the warmth of the sun.


According to Chinese culture, red is the luckiest color of them all!  The color of good fortune, red signifies wealth, success, and prosperity.


The color of love and devotion, pink is thought to promote affection and soothing.

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