Ten things a Pro Comper does to win

January 15th, 2011

So you think you are good at entering and winning competitions?  Well these are ten things that we think a ProComper should do to win.

  1. A pro comper always reads the fine print of a competition and avoids competitions with tricky terms and conditions that do not suit their lifestyle.  I for one avoid competitions that require posing for photos because I value my privacy.
  2. A pro comper never enters competitions from from work, not even at lunch time.  This is because they know that web filters and the IT guys are watching.
  3. A pro comper keeps a list of all the prizes they have won!  This pro compers list started with a nail polish variety pack.  I also keep a file of all my previous 25 words or less answers as inspiration for future comps.
  4. A pro comper knows the never give up.  Even great football teams go through dry spells, so of course compers will.  Perseverance is that name of the competition game.
  5. A pro comper has a separate email account for competitions, so that their work email does not start overflowing with promotional material.
  6. A pro comper always checks the entry limits and never enters more than the rules allow.  But when the rules say ‘unlimited’, a pro comper unleashes a flurry of activity to win that handsome prize.
  7. A pro comper will not just limit themselves to online prize draws.  They will check the newspaper, radio station, local shopping mall.  Anywhere you can think of.
  8. A pro comper does not take themselves too seriously.  They know that funny entrants are often the key to winning when judges read hundreds and hundreds of entries.
  9. A pro comper knows the secret to winning is to enter every comp you can find (so long as you want to win the prize)!
  10. A pro comper will never leave their entries until the last day, least the promoter closes the competition early and leaves them entry-less.

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