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Why I think online sweeping and comping is safe!

Fear seems to be everywhere!  People are constantly scared of identity theft and other cyber-crimes that only come to exist relevantly recently. So in the age of the modern www, I want to consider how safe it is to provide your details online.  Is it legitimate to fear that they will end up everywhere? Let. (continue reading)

Why I love “games of skill”

Do you know the difference between “games of skill” and “games of chance”? A game of skill requires entrants to use their mental or physical strengths and abilities to win a prize. Popular skilled competitions are 25 word or less answers, providing captions, or answering a question. In these competitions, judges decide who wins the prize. (continue reading)

Why I have a separate email address for sweepstakes and competitions

I don’t care what anyone says, using a free email address for your comping is a must! Once you start entering sweepstakes and contests en masse, you will realise why. A sad by-product of comping will always be junk mail.  Whether from legitimate sources, or just plain spam, you don’t want this stuff messed up. (continue reading)

Cate’s ten favorite places to look for competitions online!

Are you out of inspiration?  Then you are in luck! Check out the websites that I love to find sweepstakes and competitions, which are all usually free to enter and don’t have a lot of entrants. Your local newspaper or magazine. The items of your grocery list.  Although most of these will usually be advertised. (continue reading)