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About ProComper

ProComper is all about showing you how to win free prizes and competitions online!

We came online in early 2011 after Cate realized that when it comes to competitions and sweepstakes, there is so much knowledge and experience to be shared.

Cate’s goal is to provide a unique online prize destination for online compers. She wants to make online comping fun and easy.  No hassles, just winning!

To do that, Cate provides honest advice and delivers it on a modern, user-friendly website.  She also scours the internet to find you the latest and greatest sweepstakes and competitions.

Unlike other competition websites, ProComper is a free service. ProComper does not charge you to visit Cate’s database of exclusive prize information or competition advice.

So feel free to have a look around our great sweepstakes and learn how to win free stuff!

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There are many ways that promoters can attempt to stop cheating in online sweepstakes. But promoters are getting savvy with their online sweepstakes to prevent cheating or entrants taking unfair advantage.

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