Cate’s ten favorite places to look for competitions online!

April 12th, 2011

Are you out of inspiration?  Then you are in luck!

Check out the websites that I love to find sweepstakes and competitions, which are all usually free to enter and don’t have a lot of entrants.

  1. Your local newspaper or magazine.
  2. The items of your grocery list.  Although most of these will usually be advertised in the supermarket, others may not.  Products like chocolate (Hersey) or nappies (Huggies) hold regular sweepstakes.
  3. Women’s magazines.  Some of my favs have a designer bag competition at the back each issue (SMS promotion but run by the magazine distributor so it passes my legit test).
  4. Your favorite clothing or footwear brand.
  5. Department stores.  Not usually high end, but mid range and lower end stores run competitions sporadically.  Target is a definite.
  6. TV channel websites.  These are always loaded with promotions, most of which are not related to the shows.  I have won hair care products, cash and movie tickets.
  7. The big local toy store.  A sure thing in my big for big toy prize giveaways!
  8. Radio station websites.
  9. Film distribution companies.  Here I am talking about Sony Films and others, who all like to promote their new movies with a competition.  That I like to win.
  10. Your local charity.  Sure these will cost you to enter, but it gives me a good feeling inside, plus who can give up the chance to win a pile of cash, a new car or a great new home?  I know I can’t!!

And my biggest tip of course is to bookmark any favorites you come across.  You will want them for next time!


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