What Everyone Wants to Win

June 17th, 2011

Admit it, the first thing you check out when you see a new sweepstake is the prize on offer.

I know I do.

I need to know what I am going to win so I can decide if the competition is worth my time.  And I think that makes me a smart comper!  A ProComper!

And of course, smart promoters know that they type of prize they are offering will have a huge impact on how many entries their competition will get.

So really ensuring a sweepstake has a good prize is just win-win.  Win for the promoter because they get heaps of people entering their competition, and win for the entrants because they have a chance to win a great, big, expensive prize.

I am excited already!

So here is a list, collated from marketing research, of the top five free prizes people what to win.

  1. A new car
  2. Cash
  3. Gift Vouchers or gift cards
  4. A Holiday
  5. Expensive electronic items, like new tv, computer or ipad.

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