Why I don’t use Auto Form Filling Software

April 12th, 2011

Contentious I know!  But I get asked this question all the time and wanted to put my answer out there!

Automatic Form Filling Software can help you speed up the competition entry process by filling out most fields of entry forms for you.

But I don’t think it does.

This software is supposed to save you time, with some people saying you can enter competitions about ten times faster.

But I think that most of the big competition players are on to it, and modern online sweepstake forms are web forms including many drop-down menus.  These obstacles are deliberately included to prevent auto software.

Plus, you still must check all the details are correctly entered in every competition form field.

And no software checks whether I am eligible to win free stuff.

Sure, auto-filling software can save log-ins and passwords, but that to is a bit obsolete.  Most websites include the ‘remember me’ box for easy access.

And of course most people recommend never using the credit card details and bank account information function anyway.

So where does that leave the software?  Back on the shelf I say!

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