Why I have a separate email address for sweepstakes and competitions

April 12th, 2011

I don’t care what anyone says, using a free email address for your comping is a must!

Once you start entering sweepstakes and contests en masse, you will realise why.

A sad by-product of comping will always be junk mail.  Whether from legitimate sources, or just plain spam, you don’t want this stuff messed up with your everyday email.

So setting up an email account specifically for entering to win money and other prizes is a great idea.

It will also allow you to subscribe to mailing lists with carefree abandon, while knowing that your privacy is protected.

This is because, like me, you can choose a free email account that is generic and does not give away your name.  What about prize_princess@hotmail.com?

You can also create a system of sweeping organization without affecting your regular email!   Why not do what I do, and use the folders and calendar functions to arrange your entries and set yourself reminders?

There are many reputable and free email providers like hotmail, gmail and yahoo, so if you don’t have a separate sweeping email yet, I recommend you get one today!

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